Bridal Portrait Session //

There never seems to be enough time on your wedding day.  For ours, I remember waking up and waiting, waiting, waiting…. coffee, make up, anxiety, will two o’clock never come?  Then, all of a sudden, our photographer arrived, the bridesmaids were dressed and ready to go, I’m being hustled into a taxi to meet Joel and see him for the first time and before you know it, it’s one am and we’re begging the bartender not to close the place up.  What we’ve seen from Micheal is JUST so beautiful and we can’t wait to see the rest of our photos. Our wedding day means more to me than I ever could have anticipated.  I can’t wait to relive the moments as documented through Micheal’s lens.

In the mean time, I asked Joel to take some portraits of me in my reception dress.  This is in one of our favourite spots in Chelsea, Quebec.  A friend of mine made my reception dress, and it’s just so special.   I would have loved to have done our reveal here, but there never seems to be enough time on your wedding day.  Below is Joel’s portrait of me.  Pure romance forever. XO ~ Justyna

Joel Bedford Photography; Gwen Madiba Wedding Dress; Ottawa Wedding Photography;


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