Valentino // Free-lensing

I bought my own wedding shoes the other day (actually, sweetest gift from my other half, Joel) and I used them to test out a bit of freelensing.  Here they are in all their blurred out glory.  Four more months till they walk me down that aisle – and I can’t express enough how quickly these past 365 days have gone by.  When Joel and I got engaged last April, we thought “Psssshhhhh – we’ve got 18 months to plan this shindig – no bigs!” and now it’s crunch time! AHHHH. Anyone else planning a wedding and feeling like that?!

Before we take our turn, Joel and I have a wonderful wedding season before us – we’ve already shot a couple over the spring and winter. On May 3, the summer season starts and doesn’t stop until the end of October (at which point we’ll be on our honey-moon).   We are so lucky to have booked the couples we did this year – every one of you has that little dash of spice, that little something that will make you so great to photograph.  In our humble opinions, photography is best when it is a collaboration between the artist and their subject.  And our couples this year are bringing so many ideas and so much personality to their days – it’ll be such a joy and absolute treat to photograph.  Having spent the winter absorbed in personal work, workshops and photography boot-camps, we really can’t wait to bring a host of our own inspiration to your days.  I feel like an excited Golden Retriever sitting in the backseat of the car, knowing we’re on our way to the park.  Let me at it!  Let the Ottawa wedding photography season begin!

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