Enchanted Bride // Brenizer Portrait

We photographed a wedding inspiration session for Grey Likes Weddings last year and here’s one shot Joel just re-discovered.  Sometimes you need to step away from your work a little bit and find what inspired you in the first place.  This one here is a Brenizer method portrait of Jazmin – over 70 individual shots stitched together to create this one portrait.  We’ve done a few in the past for our wedding clients – like this one and this one.  Love this technique – hope you do too! Click on over here to see more of our wedding photography.

Photography by Joel Bedford; Brenizer Method Wedding Portrait; Enchanted Forest Bride;



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3 thoughts on “Enchanted Bride // Brenizer Portrait

  1. albertopr says:

    I love this technique I normally use the Zeiss 85 1.4 lens and the autopano giga 3.0 I have to try it yet with the
    70-200 2.8…Beautiful picture, great work!!!

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