We’re sold out for our summer 2014 season, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with our fantastic couples this year. Our season has already started, and in  between all that, we’ve got a few events of our own to plan.  Joel and I are getting married ourselves in 2014, and doing a bit of travelling to boot – it’s shaping up to be a chaotic and beautiful year! We’re celebrating two weddings – one in Ottawa, and one in Poland. My family is rather large, and its the perfect time for Joel and his family to meet the extended brood. After all of that, we’re planning on spending the winter with my parents in California. It’s been almost a decade since we’ve lived on the same side of the continent. I’m really looking forward to spending the winter with the warmth of the sun on our faces, surrounded by my mothers cooking and fathers joking around. You don’t know how much you really miss family until they’re that far away. There are days here in Ottawa when I’d just about give up anything to be able to drive down the street and see my parents and brother. It’ll be so nice to come home for a while.  We’re taking a bit of a risk, but unless you take a chance on yourself, you’ll never get anywhere.  I spent the greater part of my twenties dreaming, stuck inside my own head, wishing and wanting.  This year we’re going to try and make those things happen.  We could fail.  We could succeed. Hoping for the best. Planning on making this work.

That said, if you’re planning an event or wedding in California (anywhere in California, really) between January and April 2015, please do think of us!  We’ve got a fantastic offer for California bookings in that time frame, so drop us an line, we’re ready and excited to shoot!  Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on a deal like this.

And just for kicks, here’s an out-take from a shoot we did last summer.

Waterhouse bride; Joel Bedford Photography; California Wedding Photography;PHOTOGRAPHY Joel Bedford; Hair and Make up Noah V.; FLORALS Michelle VandenBosch; STYLING Justyna Baraniecki; MODEL Chelsea, M.I.M.;

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