Cottage weddings are certainly becoming popular and for good reasons – just check out Hilary & Joe’s elegant affair that took place this past summer in the Rideau Lakes area of eastern Ontario.  If you see a familiar smile on Hilary’s face, it’s probably because you saw her brother Blake’s wedding that we shot last year.


Joel-Bedford-Photography-2Joel-Bedford-Photography-1  Joel-Bedford-Photography-7Joel-Bedford-Photography-3  Joel-Bedford-Photography-5Joel-Bedford-Photography-6Joel-Bedford-Photography-11Joel-Bedford-Photography-4 Joel-Bedford-Photography-8Joel-Bedford-Photography-9Joel-Bedford-Photography-10    Joel-Bedford-Photography-14Joel-Bedford-Photography-22Joel-Bedford-Photography-15Joel-Bedford-Photography-16Joel-Bedford-Photography-21  Joel-Bedford-Photography-18Joel-Bedford-Photography-19Joel-Bedford-Photography-13Joel-Bedford-Photography-12 Joel-Bedford-Photography-17Joel-Bedford-Photography-20

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