One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

A few years ago when I was living in Toronto, I was walking around my neighborhood with my first DSLR (Canon Rebel XT) and was photographing interesting textures I could somehow play around with in Photoshop (CS2). I came across a nondescript, albeit old, wooden counter-top that someone was throwing away. It had an interesting look to it, so I photographed it and moved on.

Back at home, while I was importing my photos, a fly became fascinated with my lampshade and held it’s attention to the warm glow just long enough for me to focus and snap a pic.

Using the transform tools, different blending modes, and some light, gradient, and color fx, I was able to transfer the fly onto the wood texture, preserving its original shadow to boot.

I couple of years later a local band in Ottawa contacted me to photograph and design the cover of their first CD. Though they didn’t choose this particular mock-up I made for them, I was happy with the simplicity of design and the overall look. I wanted to make the band initials (WYK – Wise, Young & King) appear to be etched into the table. The text was added simply with text tools and some creative embossing / light effects in Photoshop.

If I were to repeat the job, I would add some wood shavings, and have stuck a knife in the table (maybe just the tip through the fly’s wing) for added drama – only in post, of course – I’d never hurt a fly ; ).

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