Real or Fake?

What may be obvious to a few (or many) and not so much to others, is that this image is a composite I rendered in Photoshop. To achieve this, I searched the internet for a lift-off photo that was similar in light (and resolution) to the photo I had already made of Mud Lake in Ottawa (seen previously, only color toned). I then carefully masked the rocket and steam cloud* and their reflections on the water. Despite a believable result overall (debatable of course), there is something going on (or not going on) that makes this an obvious fake.

Can you spot it? First to reply with the correct answer gets to send me a photo to be specially treated in Photoshop (no, I’m not including a rocket in your photo ;).

*When I was making this blog post, I verified that it was actually steam and not smoke (for the most part) that we see when a rocket blasts off and found out why: Apparently they douse the exhaust with 400,000 gallons of water before and after take off. When heated it forms a giant steam cloud which dampens the incredible noise of the engines which would otherwise be so loud, the sound would shatter windows in nearby neighborhoods.

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