Business Card Fiasco

I would never diss another company unless my annoyance got to such a boiling point that venting via blog was my only outlet and last resort.

November 12: I ordered business cards via 

November 22: They arrived 10 days later with faded colors and reddish blacks.  Apparently there had been a mix-up at their printing lab, re-profiling my CMYK PDF file as an RGB, despite following their exact specifications as indicated on their website.  Ok, so no big deal.  They admitted the error on their end and agreed to reprint, free of charge.  They would also cover the customs charge too (I live in Canada and they’re in the U.S.).  Great.

December 9: Two weeks later, I get a knock on the door from a UPS guy who is holding my new box of cards, and a C.O.D. for about 40 bucks to cover shipping and customs.  WTH? He knew nothing about Overnightprints covering the cost of shipping / customs and got back in his truck after I told him I wasn’t paying it. He drove away, but not before saying that he would be back tomorrow.  Ok, no problem, I thought.

I call Overnight prints, a bit annoyed, asking why this wasn’t covered.  They said they didn’t know, but they would call UPS and sort it all out and assured me I would receive my cards tomorrow, all charges waived.

December 10: UPS returns with the same C.O.D. for 40 bucks.  They say they received no call or fax from Overnightprints regarding covering the costs.

December 22: After 12 days of ‘can’t be bothered with this right now’ and zero contact from UPS or Overnightprints, I send the latter a ‘vibrant’ email.  The reply, assuring me that a fax would be sent to UPS’ Ottawa warehouse and that the product would be delivered after clearing Canadian Customs (?).  Confused and annoyed, I accept their explanation.

January 3: I receive a very brief, unformated email from an Overnightprints employee asking me for a reprint invoice number.  Beyond annoyed, I fire back an email colorfully expressing my total disappointment.  Feeling like it will fall on deaf ears (eyes), I decide to call them.  After 17:35 on the phone with them, they tell me that UPS has incinerated my package and that they will need to reprint.  Shocked and restraining myself, I let them know that it will be a cold day in hell before I order anything from them again.  They assure me that I will have new cards by this coming Friday and this time it’s coming “express”.  Oooh. 

I have spent a little over 2 hours on the phone with Overnight prints and can’t believe I am spending even more time writing this on my blog.  I’m really looking forward to Friday and receiving my business cards.  I’ll post the results…If they screw up the print job, you’ll find me in a local insane asylum, laughing deliriously in a padded cell. 


January 7:  UPS just dropped off a box to my door.  No signature, no C.O.D.!  I opened the box…The cards…are…the same.  The only difference is the blacks are actually black. 

And this concludes my partnership with!  Consider yourselves warned. 😦

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